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Welcome to Bold Communications, a forward-thinking technology leader dedicated to creating cutting-edge alarm monitoring systems designed to safeguard both people and assets.

We offer state-of-the-art, real-time visibility solutions that enhances security monitoring, protects individuals and optimises machine-to-machine sensor technology.

This allows for meticulous control and management of assets, ushering in a new era of operational efficiency and safety.
Discover how our innovative smart systems can transform your security landscape.
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Alarm receiving centres

GeminiSense by Bold is the UK’s most popular alarm monitoring platform for ARCs, offering comprehensive solutions at a competitive price.

Public sector

Bold’s alarm monitoring software and systems are typically operated from an integrated control room that meets public sector 24/7 requirements.


Bold’s GeminiSense integrated platform adopts an open technology approach to security system monitoring, enabling large and diverse retail sites to integrate various brands of security equipment through a unified system.


Commercial properties, such as corporate and industrial sites, have unique security needs but all prioritise minimising business disruptions, safeguarding people and assets, and optimising the efficiency of their security operations.

Security monitoring systems

Bold Communications collaborates closely with our users, supporting a comprehensive array of smart systems including intruder, panic, CCTV, lone worker , and fire alarm monitoring software, GPS tracking, and access control monitoring.

As a leading provider of security technology, we serve commercial alarm receiving centres, FTSE 100 corporations, and private control rooms.
Our cloud-based alarm and CCTV monitoring solutions are deployed across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, ensuring top-tier security management and infrastructure protection.

we embrace

Bold is dedicated to maximising the return on investment in alarm monitoring by leveraging existing infrastructure, legacy equipment, and software hosting services while also adopting the very latest emerging technologies.
We achieve this by continuously advancing our technology and sharing our extensive knowledge, processes, and experience in the security industry.

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