corporate sector

Corporate sites across various sectors have diverse security needs but universally prioritise the efficient operation of their security systems.
Bold Communications offers robust enterprise alarm software tailored to meet the specific demands of several key industries.

operational efficiency

By addressing the unique challenges of these sectors, Bold enhances security effectiveness and operational efficiency.

safety first

Bold’s corporate software clients include mega-industrial manufacturing plants, busy sea ports, utilities and transport systems.

For these customers, it is vitally important that monitoring is integrated with overall site security and safety objectives, which may be quite different from conventional alarm monitoring. For example, high risk sites can generate potentially catastrophic consequences in the event of a mishap.

enterprise alarm software

Bold’s GeminiSense provides a stable alarm monitoring solution, with well thought out escalation processes, to meet all the needs of the corporate and industrial user.


multiple signalling paths

Supporting multiple signalling paths to ensure that event data does not fail to reach the monitoring control room, alarm events are prioritised according to type with operators notified immediately as soon as received.


multiple connections

High priority events can be automatically broadcast by voice and SMS over the mobile phone network to relevant user groups, saving time and mitigating risk. All activity – alarm events, operator actions and response – are logged in the system and can be reviewed directly or over a web interface.

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